Wednesday, May 11, 2011


'Slowly she was giving up, she couldn't get through him, he was in love with someone else and she was trying to make a way in, now she started realizing, it was pointless, as useless as it could be, he was more than a friend but still somewhere just a friend'

Hold on little heart
Don’t stop beating so soon
There is more to life
Than you can imagine
There is a sun that rises
There is a moon that shines

It’s not too late for you
So wake up and breathe again
Let the darkness go away
And light make its way
You can’t grow numb so soon
Feelings are a part of you

Why do you feel so much pain?
Why do you feel so much joy?
Make a new way
Feel something more
Nobody is going away
Nobody is leaving you alone

Hear the words of the brain
It sometimes makes sense
I know you fight with it a lot
But at least it cares enough
To make you find a way

Don’t love so much
Don’t think about breaking down
In my eyes you will live
No matter how much pain
So don’t slow down so soon

Have a little faith in me
Don’t try to express so much
I know you want to let it go
Don’t try so hard to
Try to make a wish
Maybe it might come true

I am talking to you
Trying to keep you awake
Don’t sleep so soon
My dying heart
Open your eyes
You still got so much more

There is a string
Binding you and me
I feel when you feel
I cry when you cry
Don’t worry
You haven’t let me down

I promise not to blame you
I promise to fathom
I promise to just be there
Little heart, I love you
Wake up, wake up to a new sunrise

Thursday, May 5, 2011


it's a feeling I want to remember, the first of everything is always memorable

Bright, happy eyes looked at me,
They had a mystery unsolved,
I was hooked,
Your innocence was intriguing

It’s not every day,
That I find a smile so fascinating,
I had found a reason to stay,
I had found a reason to stop and stare

In the midst of the crowd,
It was easy to find you,
And then I wondered,
It could be a trivial possibility of a cue

When you walked,
You made heads turn,
When you smiled,
You made everyone smile

I remember the time,
When I passed you and you turned,
The feeling so sublime,
Something inside me churned

You stood afar,
Glaring at me,
How could my thoughts be not bizarre?
How could I be blithe?

It was a feeling,
I had not felt in so long,
You made me smile,
You kept making me look at you,
Again and again

Perfection was in your eyes,
It made me see dreams once more,
Perfection was in your smile,
It made me believe in life once more

When I first looked at you,
I knew you were here to stay,
My intuition came out to be true,
And you really stayed...