Sunday, October 27, 2013


'they said to dream but they never said what happens when they were broken'

Those shackles thrown in the air
We are dancing to the tunes of disco
These feet won’t stop
They will dance for love, for hate
For peace, for war

Enchanting music in the air
Devoid feelings, hypnotized soul
Dancing to the other side
Singing for glory, dreaming of love

Hope came through by the window
No more booze required
A smile, that takes away the pain
Mystical songs that surround the air

So, don’t let these feet stop
Let them move, let them dance
Oscillating between yin and yang
No decision to be made tonight
Just music and dance to be happy...

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Political Social Drama

We are the 'Zoozoo's of nature'. For people who don't know what a Zoozoo is, it is a cute chubby character created by the vodafone advertisers, to attract customers, to fill in some humor and to grab attention. What they didn't expect, is that those characters are real people, we are dumb, deaf, blind people waking up from the same bed, going back to the same bed to sleep again, repeatedly, everyday.

We listen to the same songs, meet the same people, songs that make you dance, people that make you happy. Life of a law student revolves around being sensitized about social issues, recent trends in law and a brief overview of how the system actually works, mind it, theoretically. So we sit in the secure confines of an  air conditioned classroom, in a state of the art campus. Basically this is five year of law course summed up, what we actually learn:

1. How to fill up 48 pages of answer sheet in 3 hours
2. How to fetch attendance from any means
3. How to sleep in those afternoon lectures
4. How teachers too, know that the only way to get students attention is to mention the word 'attendance' in the sentence

They train us to be social reformers, with professors giving big speeches on criticizing the politics and social norms and what we end up becoming are people in perfect, wrinkle free suits, minting more and more money every hour, making the richer, richer and letting the poor stay where they are. 'Poor? Oh yeah. I had studied something about them', answers the lawyer, who once in his class was forced to think about them and ask questions that would baffle the well read professor, now, he can't recall a single question he asked in the class.

We don't focus on an agenda until and unless it reaches a critical point. We debate, we research, we write with an ultimate goal to land a five figure salary. The question they ask us is not 'What is?' but 'What could be?' and we sit there in our fancy clothes, texting on our phones, thinking about what to eat in cafeteria or trying to have a conversation about someone doing something with someone.

Law school can teach you everything or nothing. There are too many things to be taken care of, too much that is everywhere...progress is jeopardized, the basic aim of development from center to the states is somewhere diluting, development is solely centralized. 'Why politics?' 'Why not results?' we learn. Those who really want to bring a social change end up learning everything and forgetting later, those who are not bothered then, well, they are not bothered anytime.

We call ourselves proudly, a secular, socialist, democratic state, but how much do we act like a democracy is the question that stays? I say we wait another 40 years for another modern leader like Gandhi or Nehru to take the reigns and save a drowning nation, leaders that would make the nation survive but not sustain. Further 100 years and more would be born. For now, the nations too much divided, too cruel with too much politics to bring any person down, and 'We the people of India' would blame the system and go back to our normal lives.

The preamble of our 'longest constitution in the world' starts with 'WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA' and we the people of India are ignorant, delusional and forgetful.

The question stays...the answer: A strong opposition party, a social reformer as a leader...well, what then?

'There's a lot of work to be done, we haven't even started'

Sunday, October 14, 2012


'You're being missed terribly'

It was a nice summer evening
When you said goodbye
The time when my heart
Was starting to want things
You were leaving
With all your love and happiness

The pain of watching you go
Only the heart could explain
It takes one to love
But takes two to hold on
The little joys of life
You took away when you left

Ask my mind if it misses u?
It would deny, it would lie
Ask my heart if it misses u?
It would choose not to answer
It would be in fear
It would not want its feelings in vain

This booze, the little menace that it is
It doesn't fill the void anymore
These tears, they betray
They come unannounced
This smile of mine, a tantrum thrower
Refuses to come anymore

Its not the loneliness of today
But the longing of yesterday
To hold your hand
To hug you
To kiss you
To tell you that I love you

Forgetting is easy
Remembering is hard
Its easy to forget the last of everything
But hard to reminisce and hold on
And then I wonder
Why you keep crossing my mind?

A lifetime is not enough waiting
If you ask for more, I shall
Its not the waiting that causes pain
But the notion of being with you there
Because the wait is easy
But loving you is not

Monday, May 21, 2012


'Let the music play till it drowns all the fearful voices in my head. Let me erase that which causes so much pain'

All these vibrant colours 
Of the sky
Asking her to smile
Asking her to walk that last mile
Epitome of happiness, she achieved
Now she falls to the ground
Like a broken star
Peace was taken away
Even the shadow leaving her side
Must she falter while walking?
Must she stumble upon her words?
She do not know
She tried being her own saviour
She tried fighting her own battles
But now she was breaking
Now she was quitting
These conflicting sides
Of her own heart
These deliberations
Of her own head
She couldn’t fathom
Dream a little, she always said
But now she was battling
Those inner conflicts
Struggling to keep those
Flights of fantasies alive
Let her smile, she begged
Make her feel better, she said
For if she fell now
She won’t be able to
Stand again.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


'Love is nothing but friendship set on fire'

 The phone kept vibrating but he didn't bother to pick it up, he let it vibrate, he was too sleepy. Finally after ten minutes when he couldn't take it anymore he opened his one eye and checked the time, it was 3 am and then he saw the name. It was her, a smile came on his face automatically.

 'hello' he said in a coarse voice
'he is coming, he is coming tomorrow, he is coming' she was shouting on the phone

He woke up with a jerk and then realized what she was saying

 'who is coming?' he asked
 'you know, my boyfriend' she said
'oh really? that is an awesome news. What time is he coming?' he asked happily
 'He is landing around 8 in the evening, you are driving me to the airport' she ordered
 'yes of course I am taking you, I am so happy for you. Finally after two years he is coming' he said
 'yes I know. ok! sorry I woke you up but I was so excited. We'll meet in the evening, we will eat something and then go to the airport' she said
 'yes ok done' he said and then they both hung up

 He couldn't sleep that night. He had just met her an year ago and she had become his bestest friend, the things he couldn't share with anyone, he told it to her. She was the sweetest person and he cared too much for her. He had heard plenty of stories from her about the boyfriend but he had not come to India in 2 years as he was out for some work. And now after 2 years finally he was arriving back and he knew how happy she would be. He cared for her so much that he always told her that the day he came back, he would be so happy for her because he knew how much she loved him. They both had been inseparable in that one year and they had discovered a new meaning of friendship. He had been there for her whenever she needed him and she had been there for him without asking.

 The next evening he picked her up from the metro station, it was a typical winter evening with the sun almost about to set and the street lights lighting up the flyovers and the roads of the city. Today she felt happy, she felt there was magic in the air. They both got down near a restaurant and were walking when he saw the her face all lit up and that smile, that did't leave her face. She looked at him, he looked different today, there was confusion in his eyes yet his smile didn't leave his face, his hand felt awfully warm and secure today and there was a different feeling in her heart. She was happy that she was finally going to meet him but also somewhere her eyes didn't leave her best friend's face.

 They both ordered some food and then sat down
 'you look so tired' he said and started laughing
 'yes I couldn't sleep the entire night, I was so excited. But I look fine right?' she asked panicking
 'you look pretty, don't worry' he said and smiled reassuringly

 She looked at his smile, there was something missing in that today, the smile also looked confusing today. After they ate, they got into the car and were on their way to the airport. There was too much silence in the car, she kept looking outside the window, her heart beating faster every second and she frantically kept checking the watch. He kept looking at her being so fidgety and smiled, she was nervous he could sense and then he felt a feeling that he had never felt with her, he felt a feeling of jealousy, he couldn't understand whether it was envy he felt or something else. He was fighting in his head, how could he be envy? he was not in love with her and he always told her that, he was her friend but then why was this?! this! taking her to him...making him feel weird.

 They reached the airport and there was lot of traffic at the entrance, she looked at him with a doubtful smile and asked
 'Do I look ok?' 'yes, you look very pretty, don't worry' he said and smiled
 She sat there with her face showing all signs of nervousness, her hands clasped kept on her thighs and she was breathing heavily. He kept staring at her like if he even blinked she would vanish. Why was he thinking like that?!

 'you know I am so nervous, but I know all this will go once I see him' she said
 He nodded and then gave her a hug

 She felt nice after the hug, his hug was always so warm, that it made her feel confident, it made her feel that nothing could go wrong in the world.
 'thank you' she murmured without looking at him
 They parked their car and were standing at the arrival entrance. She was holding his hand throughout, she didn't feel like letting go, she was that nervous.

 'Don't worry, you are looking very pretty' he said and smiled

 She looked at him smiling, she smiled back too and she kept staring in his eyes, there was something she read in them, she couldn't understand what it was but there was something in his eyes. In that moment, she tore away her glance from him and looked at the entrance and there he was, her boyfriend walking outside and he had spotted her and he had the biggest smile on his face on seeing her. Her best friend let go of her hand and then she ran towards her boyfriend, she gave him a tight hug and just stood there with him looking at him smiling.

 He saw her running towards her boyfriend, in that moment he felt something breaking inside him, if he could he wouldn't have let go of her hand, he would have just stood there staring in her eyes holding her hand. As soon as he looked at her turning in his direction, he turned to face the other side and a tear drop escaped his eye, he was so happy for her but also somewhere he was sad. He was going through an emotion he had never felt. She brought so much happiness to him and now she was smiling looking at someone else. She turned to spot him, but he had vanished somewhere in the crowd. She saw her hand in her boyfriend's hand and felt strange, that touch was unfamiliar, it was not warm, it was not secure. Her eyes looked everywhere for him but he was gone, she turned too late.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


'He thinks I have loved too much and lost everything, He thinks I have gained just stories to tell and lost my touch with reality and what am I supposed to tell him? Am I supposed to tell him he is right? or Do I just sit and stare silently?'

Ropes of misery
tying me down
Someone open them please
Or in this sea of love
I might just drown

what I can't do
I can't even say it anymore
I don't know how I feel
Then why do you ask questions?
But somewhere I believe
We both seek the same answers

Someone inside me is screaming
Everyone around me has gone deaf
They are happy, they are beaming
Then why do I feel so out of place?
Then why do I feel so alone?

I am losing you, I am losing myself
I want you to walk away
I want myself to finally breathe
I want to go back home

These words that I write
Don't make sense anymore
Every word has a meaning
But suddenly they all seem daunting

There is more confusion than pain
This dark lit path
Never seems to end
I am trying to find some light
I am trying to find some hope

Nothing is forever
Everyone comes and leaves
Then why do you say you'll stay?
Then why do you want to stay?
This love had no future
But memories I hold are not in vain

I will resolve all this haziness
I will find a solution for us
I will make it easy for you
I will help you in finding the
Happiness you deserve
I will fix you...

Sunday, July 17, 2011


'to love is to be patient'

Professor Severus Snape: misjudged, misinterpreted.

Harry potter had just stepped into the great castle of Hogwarts, he was unknown to the word ‘Magic’. There he found friends, he found his family. Hogwarts was his only home.

He was destined to fight the darkest wizard of all times, he was destined to defeat him and die. There were so many looking at Harry with a hope, so many protecting him, so many dying to keep him alive, but there was one man who did more than protection, he loved harry in his own way.
As the story of Harry potter begins and Severus Snape sets his eyes on the boy, he cannot stop staring and everyone thinks he hates the boy, he is evil. But the famous potions master of Hogwarts had more to him than just hatred, over the 6 books, Snape shows his own shades and somehow he is always there to protect harry without making it obvious. Harry’s first Quidditch match, Snape was protecting him, Snape protected him from the dementors, Snape protected him from Voldermort and he loved Harry in his own way.

The biggest twist in the entire series is probably the ‘Prince’s tale’, when all the cards are finally opened, when the truth is finally told to Harry, not only him but all of us get to know the real Severus Snape, a man who didn’t question but just loved. From the moment he had set his eyes on Lily, he was in love with her, she was his only friend, even when she married James, Severus was there loving her. He pleaded Dumbledore to save her, to keep her safe and in return was ready to do anything. The only reason he became an ally to Dumbledore’s army was because of his immense love for Lily.

When Snape is dying and he looks at Harry and says ‘you have your mother’s eyes’ one cannot stop themselves from getting teary eyed. When Harry goes back in his memories, he realizes who he really was, he was a man with so much love and hurt at the same time, he was a man who protected him the most, he was a man with so much courage that he died for love. When Snape hugs Lily and cries his heart out one can understand the torment and suffering of the man who still loved her so much, so much that he was ready to protect her only son with all the strength he had. From the evil headmaster his character takes a turn and becomes the most intense character in the book. He becomes more than just Severus Snape trying to bring down Harry Potter.

19 years later, Harry Potter while leaving his son to embark on the same journey which he had started when he was 11, told him ‘Albus Severus Potter, you have been named after two headmasters of Hogwarts and one of them was the bravest man I ever knew’ and he was right when he said that Severus Snape, was indeed the bravest man anyone ever knew.

Professor Severus Snape didn’t die in vain, he died for love and to die for love is the best way to go.