Monday, May 21, 2012


'Let the music play till it drowns all the fearful voices in my head. Let me erase that which causes so much pain'

All these vibrant colours 
Of the sky
Asking her to smile
Asking her to walk that last mile
Epitome of happiness, she achieved
Now she falls to the ground
Like a broken star
Peace was taken away
Even the shadow leaving her side
Must she falter while walking?
Must she stumble upon her words?
She do not know
She tried being her own saviour
She tried fighting her own battles
But now she was breaking
Now she was quitting
These conflicting sides
Of her own heart
These deliberations
Of her own head
She couldn’t fathom
Dream a little, she always said
But now she was battling
Those inner conflicts
Struggling to keep those
Flights of fantasies alive
Let her smile, she begged
Make her feel better, she said
For if she fell now
She won’t be able to
Stand again.