Thursday, June 24, 2010



'I look at the bird sitting on the branch of a tree, she’s chirping happily. She has something which we don’t, freedom, freedom to fly away’

A friend of mine asked me whether one man could achieve sovereignty, my answer was no, because I believe that we can maybe achieve freedom in the political sense but it is hard to achieve freedom in the moral sense. We will always be bound to the society. Always there will be someone asking questions and we would be answerable to them. What a state can do is, it can give us rights, rights that determine the extent of our freedom and when we learn that those rights are not absolute, we come to know that ultimate freedom is only a dream.

For coordination and harmony, we need a sovereign, someone or something who we believe has all the powers and freedom, the one which binds us all. Just like in our daily lives, a family needs a head, one which binds the rest. Once we are with that family, we lose all sense of freedom. When we are a kid, parents protect us, when we are adults, the state does. Do we need a protector at all times? Are we capable of protecting ourselves? Are we ready to live on our own, to achieve ultimate freedom?

A person living alone in a big city thought to himself once he has everything, he has his freedom, there is no one questioning him, he is bound to no one. He can sleep whenever he wants, eat whenever he wants, but he didn’t feel happy from inside. Did he not love his freedom? Or was he used to the idea of being bound to someone that he couldn’t cherish the true meaning of freedom? Would we be happy to be free? To have no one to answer, to have no one to caution us about anything, maybe or maybe not. Maybe we do need a protector at every point in our life. Maybe we are still discovering the meaning of the word ‘freedom’.