Tuesday, July 6, 2010


‘Three girls stood near the window, looking outside and daydreaming, discussing about the boy they loved, Thinking about the future and much more. To them, they could do anything even change future but was it possible? Now they know the answer to that question’

School memories are to be cherished, no matter how much humiliating they were. I have changed 8 schools; I had no clue why I was running so much, rather who was I running from? I still wonder.

School was a time to discover myself and be comfortable in my skin. In school, ambitions were not just limited to career choices, no! There was much more to it. Reputation was the most important part, I guess. Who had the hottest boyfriend or the hottest girlfriend? Who had the guts to snap back at the teachers? Who looked the finest? But later you realize looking perfect is just so overrated. For that time everyone is blinded and wants to gain the so called popularity.

Two years in my 8th school, I thought I had suffered enough pain; enough torment for a lifetime, but there is always a much worse thing waiting to hit you, which makes you realize that the pain before that, that was just a petty issue, this is far worse. And then you tell yourself, if you can go through this, you can go through anything; it gives you strength to face anything. Is high school more of a battle rather than a place where you just receive education? I would be definitely agree with the first one, high school is a battle which gives you tasks everyday but those tasks give you lessons for life. Some tasks are successful, in some you fail, but what matters is that we learn, we grow and we move on.

A group of friends can be of 15 people or just 3, what matters is which number makes you comfortable and happy. You can have 5 boyfriends or just 1, what matters is who gives you the most memories. In high school we are at our most vulnerable age, a period where we seek constant support and love. The one who gives us that, they become our confidants and the one who can’t, we hate them. Love, hate, betrayal, friendships, pain and ecstasy are the feelings one can feel in those 4 years.

Yes! School can be hard, yes! It can be difficult but then there are the good times which make you want to go back to school again, the moments which are meant to be cherished forever. For me there were so many, school was hard for me, it was sometimes just beyond tolerance but there were happy moments, in the end school really did give me memories which are priceless, it gave me friends for life and a love story to remember forever.



‘Rain was pouring down outside but I didn’t feel like getting wet, it was like the rain wanted to tell me something but I was oblivious of it. All I could do was sit inside and watch the rain fall’

(it’s my own personal opinion and not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings or emotions)

When you are 18, you think to yourself, do you know enough about life? Have you seen the world enough? The answer is confusing, somewhere you feel that yes you do, but then an answer pops in your head, no and I don’t think so. There are still things we don’t understand, there are still things we would like to learn and there are still things we would like to know about. Every mistake is a step towards perfection and every right step is a step towards confidence.

As we grow old we think about are carefree days, we think about the days where we really were naive, days we would want to live again, our childhood- possibly the best days of our life. Growing up in the 1990’s just makes you feel lucky. We had cartoons which were worth watching, we had teachers who thought of us as their own and we didn’t have access to computers or so many TV channels, which somehow seems like a good thing today. We used to go out to play, we had friends and we were happy with the little things in our lives.

Today even if you are alone you can survive, there would be so much to do, watch TV or play games on the computer or buy a new digital toy and enjoy them. Has the modern technology deprived the children of their real childhood?

When we were growing up, our parents had not decided our occupation already, they had set us free to explore the world, nothing was pre determined for us, we were not forced into being a perfect child, if we were perfect, then we were perfect. Possibly for a child today everything is pre determined, they are made to join classes to learn a particular skill, they are constantly told what to do. Are modern parents just being ambitious? Or are they just preparing their kid to compete in today’s competitive world?

Yes, it’s true that today’s kid might have access to all those cartoons which we didn’t have, he might have access to all those video games which we couldn’t and he might be getting all those toys which we couldn’t. But where is the sense of freedom? Freedom to think, freedom to explore and the competition has become so fierce that even for an admission in the kindergarten, the child has to be smart. The kid is 3, how can he/she be smart? All they are at that age are carefree, lovable and naive.
Were we lucky to have a childhood where everything was pretty? We weren’t surrounded by modern technology all the time and we just went out and explored. When we get under the pressure of growing up, we say that childhood days were carefree, they were fun and we would like to go back to them. But is childhood that blithe and merry as it used to be? Is childhood really the age of just being yourself? Does childhood still offer freedom? Are we losing the true meaning of childhood? In order to make their children PERFECT, are modern parents really pushing their kids way too much? Has everything in life become a bargain? even childhood.

‘The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves'

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rafael Nadal- story continues...

MOOD- Happy

‘I expect to have a lot of years to be here fighting to win this tournament, no? I am going to try all my life’ –Rafael Nadal

May 2009- March 2010

Months Rafael had been struggling, for these months he had been fighting. Everybody had given up on him, they thought he was over; they said that he won’t comeback. When Rafa won all the 3 grand slams and numerous other tournaments and became no.1 in 2008, they thought he was here to rule, he was the new King, Federer cried, he could see it coming, he could feel that he was going down and that there was someone better than him.

But during Roland Garros 2009, Rafa lost his touch, he lost his way, he couldn’t win the Grand Slam which he was born to win. After that loss, he just couldn’t recover, for months he failed to find his way back. Federer was back as King, he was breaking records while Rafa was still lost finding his way. Federer was enjoying all the attention he was getting, for him it was like a dream come true, he had broken all the possible records, he had gotten married and he had two beautiful twin daughters, his life was complete.

Rafa stood there in a corner waiting patiently to finally make his comeback, inside he knew he was ready; he just waited for an opportunity. He got it in Monte Carlo masters, he reached the final, he was feeling confident, he was feeling healthy and he was playing the clay court tour, he couldn’t have felt more at home. The final he played against a fellow Spaniard but he showed no mercy, he battered him, he had nailed it. He had declared that he was back. But it wasn’t enough for them, they still wanted more convincing. Rafa won Rome masters comfortably and proved again that he still had it in him, that he could still win.

The real test came when he reached the Madrid Masters final, he had booked a spot in the final against Federer, people were dying for a Federer-Nadal final and they had not seen them in action for long. This was a test for Rafa, to finally shut the mouths of critics, to finally tell everyone that he was not over. He showed them, he proved them wrong; he defeated Federer and won the tournament. He was going into Roland Garros healthy, three clay court titles under his belt, he was feeling confident. Rafa not only won the French Open, he owned it. The king of clay was back. Tennis world had got its No.1 back.

They had shut up, they were awestruck. Who could have thought he would become the world no. 1 again but he did. Now the eternal question was would Rafa repeat 2008 all over again? Would he win RG and Wimbledon back to back? Would he? Could he? Rafa made it to the finals; he was the clear favourite to win Wimbledon. The last point seemed to last an eternity, everybody was sitting holding their breath, was Rafa about to win Wimbledon too? Was he? And indeed he did. He won Wimbledon 2010. The tears of joy couldn’t stop, he just couldn’t stop smiling. For all those who had lived those terrible months with him, for all those who had supported him throughout, this was a big moment for them. Their king was back and he told people that this time he was here to stay. He made everyone believe, that it’s not over till you believe it is. He made people believe in fate, opportunities, hardwork and hope again. He hit the right spot at the right time and nailed it. He made us believe, he inspired us, he silently killed his critics and he made everyone love him.


‘He has this different vibe. He goes from looking downright predatory to all of a sudden having this goofy smile. The energy, the passion is just dripping out of him. When he is playing, it’s hard to watch the other side of the court’ – Times Magazine on Rafa Nadal