Monday, June 20, 2011


'she closed her eyes to see his face all she could see was his shadow and nothing more'

‘Dreams’- a word with so many interpretations, with so many directions. Dreams can be the one seen while sleeping and dreams can be the one aspired to be achieved. A word is just a word; the meaning of that word makes it beautiful. The meaning of the word dreams makes it lively, makes it so extraordinary, it’s not just a word, it’s an experience worth risking and then the question comes up how far are you going to stretch yourself to live that dream?

The most common conflict within a person is to choose between their dream and love and then the question of love comes up. What do you actually mean by love? Everyone has their own subjective interpretation of this word, the word is just the same, the meaning differs from person to person and it’s the meaning that changes the whole perception of a word. When you have too many options, it is hard to choose, but when the choice is between living your dream and having the one you love, the mind and heart are in a constant fight. Alone with love one cannot be happy and alone with dreams one cannot be satisfied. If the dream is not shared with someone you love, that dream is not worth living. The best dreams are lived when that someone special is right beside you holding your hand and is happy for you.

Are dreams worth fighting for? If we didn’t have dreams we would not have goals and we would never move forward, we would be stuck in a non traffic zone constant and confused. Even in our worst of times, dreams are capable of getting a smile on our face, so maybe dreams are worth fighting for ,Would you give up everything to live that dream? Then would that dream be worth living for? When everything in life is utterly wrong and sad we feel we don’t have anything worth living for but that happens when a dream shatters, when it’s broken beyond repair we give up, we forget that if one dream breaks the other one can be made, that is the beauty of dreams. They are never constant and they never let us are constant, they keep us moving, pushing us to our maximum limits, fighting, arguing, winning and losing.

Dreams do not make us, we make them. Why let a dream overpower us so much that when it breaks it hurts us beyond comparison? Maybe because to achieve that teeny tiny little dream, a mountain worth of effort was put in, but if the effort was good enough then why did it fail? It didn’t, it just made us realize our own mistakes and gave us a chance to correct them. It’s not about having the right dream, the right effort, the right outcome; it’s about taking that leap of faith again and again to dream again and again, to rise above all the failures and to make mistakes again.

‘Dreams are beautiful, they are pretty and they make us who we are’