Sunday, October 14, 2012


'You're being missed terribly'

It was a nice summer evening
When you said goodbye
The time when my heart
Was starting to want things
You were leaving
With all your love and happiness

The pain of watching you go
Only the heart could explain
It takes one to love
But takes two to hold on
The little joys of life
You took away when you left

Ask my mind if it misses u?
It would deny, it would lie
Ask my heart if it misses u?
It would choose not to answer
It would be in fear
It would not want its feelings in vain

This booze, the little menace that it is
It doesn't fill the void anymore
These tears, they betray
They come unannounced
This smile of mine, a tantrum thrower
Refuses to come anymore

Its not the loneliness of today
But the longing of yesterday
To hold your hand
To hug you
To kiss you
To tell you that I love you

Forgetting is easy
Remembering is hard
Its easy to forget the last of everything
But hard to reminisce and hold on
And then I wonder
Why you keep crossing my mind?

A lifetime is not enough waiting
If you ask for more, I shall
Its not the waiting that causes pain
But the notion of being with you there
Because the wait is easy
But loving you is not