Friday, February 22, 2013

The Political Social Drama

We are the 'Zoozoo's of nature'. For people who don't know what a Zoozoo is, it is a cute chubby character created by the vodafone advertisers, to attract customers, to fill in some humor and to grab attention. What they didn't expect, is that those characters are real people, we are dumb, deaf, blind people waking up from the same bed, going back to the same bed to sleep again, repeatedly, everyday.

We listen to the same songs, meet the same people, songs that make you dance, people that make you happy. Life of a law student revolves around being sensitized about social issues, recent trends in law and a brief overview of how the system actually works, mind it, theoretically. So we sit in the secure confines of an  air conditioned classroom, in a state of the art campus. Basically this is five year of law course summed up, what we actually learn:

1. How to fill up 48 pages of answer sheet in 3 hours
2. How to fetch attendance from any means
3. How to sleep in those afternoon lectures
4. How teachers too, know that the only way to get students attention is to mention the word 'attendance' in the sentence

They train us to be social reformers, with professors giving big speeches on criticizing the politics and social norms and what we end up becoming are people in perfect, wrinkle free suits, minting more and more money every hour, making the richer, richer and letting the poor stay where they are. 'Poor? Oh yeah. I had studied something about them', answers the lawyer, who once in his class was forced to think about them and ask questions that would baffle the well read professor, now, he can't recall a single question he asked in the class.

We don't focus on an agenda until and unless it reaches a critical point. We debate, we research, we write with an ultimate goal to land a five figure salary. The question they ask us is not 'What is?' but 'What could be?' and we sit there in our fancy clothes, texting on our phones, thinking about what to eat in cafeteria or trying to have a conversation about someone doing something with someone.

Law school can teach you everything or nothing. There are too many things to be taken care of, too much that is everywhere...progress is jeopardized, the basic aim of development from center to the states is somewhere diluting, development is solely centralized. 'Why politics?' 'Why not results?' we learn. Those who really want to bring a social change end up learning everything and forgetting later, those who are not bothered then, well, they are not bothered anytime.

We call ourselves proudly, a secular, socialist, democratic state, but how much do we act like a democracy is the question that stays? I say we wait another 40 years for another modern leader like Gandhi or Nehru to take the reigns and save a drowning nation, leaders that would make the nation survive but not sustain. Further 100 years and more would be born. For now, the nations too much divided, too cruel with too much politics to bring any person down, and 'We the people of India' would blame the system and go back to our normal lives.

The preamble of our 'longest constitution in the world' starts with 'WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA' and we the people of India are ignorant, delusional and forgetful.

The question stays...the answer: A strong opposition party, a social reformer as a leader...well, what then?

'There's a lot of work to be done, we haven't even started'