Thursday, March 31, 2011


'Happiness isn't just a word, it's an emotion. Even though I am not a cricket fan, I don't like to watch Cricket matches at all but yesterday was something nobody could miss it for the world, for it was not just a match, it was a battle and a battle well won'

One Wednesday afternoon a nation went silent. Offices, colleges and schools got closed; everybody got glued to their television sets. It hadn’t even started and people were already high on emotions. The anticipation of a miracle, the expectations of a billion people and most of all the pressure and responsibility on those 11 men wearing blue, was this going to be their day? Was India finally going to be in the world cup finals? Nobody knew the answer and then I wondered did they even care? Everyone whom I knew wasn’t even interested in the cup; they just wanted them to win against the Pakistanis, a match so well awaited that even if it was being played in the initial rounds of the world cup it would have the same effect as the final of the world cup.

World cup 2011 of cricket: The best cricket team so far of India and everybody in good form. When India beat Australia, people were celebrating more than that people were waiting for the next match. Indians were to face the Pakistanis, even the non cricket lovers got awaken, not out of love for cricket but for being patriotic. 30th march 2011, a day that will be remembered by everyone, when Indians won the toss and chose to bat, everybody thought it was a good decision, luck was in our favour, maybe we could win this match. Mohali pavilion was jam packed, full of Indians and Pakistanis, ministers, actors, NRI’s had flown in from different states and nations. It was not only time for some cricket, it was time for war, was it really a war? Was it just a game? It was more than that, it was about respect, it was about living upto the hopes of those billion people praying, it was not only about winning, it was about our nation’s pride.

It was a day where cricket was being played between the two rival nations, people cheering in the stands holding banners that talked about friendship with Pakistan, but it was also a day where the prime ministers’ of both the nations would meet after the 26/11 terror attack. ‘Cricket diplomacy’ is the word coined for their meeting, unofficial as they termed the meeting, many issues would have been discussed. A time where one prime minister could take an initiative and start the peace talks again, a time where everybody would be distracted with cricket and they could discuss the fate of those billions.

When the two opening batsmen of India walked into the pavilion with their head held high, bats in their hands, chest pumped up and with only one thing mind, to win today. They walked in and the crowd roared at the top of their voices, one of them was called God and the only hope for India. The start to the game was unexpected, Sehwag thrashing the Pakistani bowlers with fours and Tendulkar being as cautious as he could be. When the first wicket was taken for Sehwag the stadium went quiet, it was too early for him to go, even he knew that but he gave Indians a good start. The match went on, whenever an Indian came on strike, the crowd would cheer loudly, they would roar at the top of their voices, chant their names, they just wanted to see them win. Wicket after wicket, the scenario for Indians had just turned, Pakistanis were too good with the ball and Indian players were baffled, they didn’t have an answer to their attack, they were helpless and tensed. When Yuvraj went on duck, everybody knew the match was going in favour of the Pakistanis, they were happy, they knew they had nailed it, they had made them weak. The scoring of the runs went slow, everybody in the stadium sat holding their breaths, would we make even a 200? Everybody thought, keeping fingers crossed, somehow Tendulkar struggled and steady he managed to make enough runs to let India survive. At the end of the 50 overs with 260 runs first half was over, India somehow struggling, managed to make enough runs for them to chase, Raina the last batsman to play was able to keep India’s hopes still high. He was the last hope for everybody and he somehow managed to prove them right.

The second half of the match started, everybody knew India’s weakness, bowling wasn’t their forte and coordination wasn’t one of their best qualities. But for just one day, for one match could they work as a team? Because even they knew the gravity of the situation, Pakistanis were happy with what they had done, they were relaxed. But then India did show their greatness, the second half of the match became the best part of the match, with bowler after bowler taking wicket after wicket, it was a glorious day. The shouts, the screams, the roars of people in the stadium whenever somebody got out were beyond comparison, that’s how ecstatic everybody was. Yuvraj, was agitated with the way he got out and he took his revenge right, he got 2 wickets. The team coordination, the fielding, the motivation and the determination to win was visible on everyone’s faces. The last over, the second last ball, people already celebrating on the streets, the win, with just one more wicket left, the Indians did not give a chance for all the balls to get finished, for the 50 overs to end, they took the last wicket on the second last ball and ended the match themselves.

There were firecrackers everywhere, people were on the streets celebrating and players were running around with wickets happy. For India, we had already got the cup. This was their epic win and they had done it, they managed to give those billion people a reason to be happy, forgetting their worries they got lost in the celebrations. It had been a good day not only for them but the entire country. For everybody the next morning was going to be a good one, where going to offices, schools and colleges won’t be that painful.

When I went on facebook and read a friend’s status, I instantly liked it; it was an epic status for an epic moment. ‘One nation just had an orgasm’ and indeed it was that happy for them.

In India, cricket is religion and one thing that can bring the entire nation to forget everything and bring everyone together, yesterday was that day.

Friday, March 18, 2011


the haphazardness of the words explains how haphazard my feelings are

'I feel and that is what I do best'

In my own inhibitions and doubts
I found you
I looked at you and I found hope
My heart wanted to take the leap of faith
My mind reluctant

When I looked in your eyes
I found my happiness
In mine, you found yours
When you smiled at me
My thoughts went incoherent
I fumbled to say the easiest words
When you understood me
Even without me saying anything
I thought I had found a friend

But later I realized
You were more than that,
A friend would never make me blush
A friend would never leave me breathless
A friend would never make my heart skip a beat
The moment I crossed the line
And felt something more for you
I knew there was no turning back

The feeling was so potent and pure
I never wanted to let it go
I wanted it to engulf me
Like a warm blanket on a cold winter night
Whenever I was with you
I felt loved, I felt happy

The way you looked at me
It always left me smiling
When you thought so hard
I wished to know what you were thinking
When you held my hand
I wished to know how you felt

All those times when you were not looking
I stood at a distance admiring you
There were so many words floating in my head
You didn’t even know about them

With your bittersweet farewell
You will be giving me memories
To keep me going without you
I never knew it was possible for me
To fall so hard, so fast
And then you came along
With all your stories
Of grief and joy
You changed the way I perceived

No I am not perfect,
Maybe I am not the one for you
But somewhere you brought me back from the dead
With you I never asked
And I still won’t
I don’t expect, I fathom
I don’t care about her,
I am just a tad envious

With the new directions you gave me
I am walking on that road
But now I seemed to have lost the map
All that scepticism clouding the path again

In my own hurt, I will expect you
To find me again
There is a premonition I have
About a future so unreal yet so sweet
Where you will be mine and I will be yours

Sunday, March 6, 2011


‘sitting on the swing she looked at the yellow neon light brightening up the park, the green grass didn’t look green, the trees in the dark looked scary, she looked up to see the sky hoping to find something beautiful in it and the sky looked black and dead as it could with no stars to make it look pretty, with no moon to add glamour to it and the night for her was as lifeless as it could be’

I am sick of the mundane routine of my life, I wanted some action, something to make me feel that I was growing and I never really found anything. I was one of those kinds who would get restless and agitated because of some change or because things were too uncertain, uncertainty never made me curious, it just killed the little bit curiosity I might have had. And then I thought to myself why couldn’t I let loose? Why couldn’t I just approach life as it came? Why did I think so much? Why didn’t I just take a leap of faith and forget about it? Why had I changed into freakish paranoid maniac? I had no answers or maybe I did have one and didn’t want to admit it to myself. I wanted something new to happen, just something to happen.

Although life was giving me enough drama to keep me entertained but I was the one who refused to be entertained and then why did I seek change so much? Why was I unable to understand my own mood? Did I want to listen to ‘diary of jane’ or was I in the mood of ‘every breath you take’? I didn’t know. Why was I experiencing so much restlessness? I wanted peace.

So one Sunday morning I woke up and decided to change the direction of my bed, clean my room finally and I did that. I sat on my newly directed bed looking at my clean room and a smile formed on my face. This did feel like a god change, atleast it was a change. I lied down sighing thinking this felt good, atlast I think I had found some peace. So can a small little thing like a bed change have the ability to change the way you feel, I think so or maybe it’s just me. And then I realize how it’s not about the big changes, how it’s not about the big opportunities, it’s about the little things that make you happy.