Saturday, July 30, 2011


'He thinks I have loved too much and lost everything, He thinks I have gained just stories to tell and lost my touch with reality and what am I supposed to tell him? Am I supposed to tell him he is right? or Do I just sit and stare silently?'

Ropes of misery
tying me down
Someone open them please
Or in this sea of love
I might just drown

what I can't do
I can't even say it anymore
I don't know how I feel
Then why do you ask questions?
But somewhere I believe
We both seek the same answers

Someone inside me is screaming
Everyone around me has gone deaf
They are happy, they are beaming
Then why do I feel so out of place?
Then why do I feel so alone?

I am losing you, I am losing myself
I want you to walk away
I want myself to finally breathe
I want to go back home

These words that I write
Don't make sense anymore
Every word has a meaning
But suddenly they all seem daunting

There is more confusion than pain
This dark lit path
Never seems to end
I am trying to find some light
I am trying to find some hope

Nothing is forever
Everyone comes and leaves
Then why do you say you'll stay?
Then why do you want to stay?
This love had no future
But memories I hold are not in vain

I will resolve all this haziness
I will find a solution for us
I will make it easy for you
I will help you in finding the
Happiness you deserve
I will fix you...

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